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System Options

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To access the "System Options", click the button on the console.


System Options Console Button


System Options



The System Options window is password protected. This is where you set user securities, change your administrative password and open the preferred company for use in your organization. It is also used to import your vendor and customer lists from other operating systems.


Current Company Data Path

Clicking the Open Company button opens the dialog box in the Service Estimator folder allowing you to choose a different company to work from.


Service Estimator Dialog Folder

System Options Dialog Box


Current Document Path

This field indicates that the proposal documents are located with the Back End DB



If you need to change your administrator password enter a new one in the Level 1 (Administrator) field. Make sure you write it down and keep it in a safe place. If you lose you password you must contact technical support at A fee will be charged to recover your password even if you subscribe to annual technical support and upgrades.


Require Level 1 Password

The check boxes in the Require Level 1 Password area allows you to set permissions for certain areas within the Service Estimator program. Any unchecked boxes allows the logged in user to access those areas and edit data. To prevent this from happening, make sure you secure this area as required.



Customer Manager - Allows the user to enter or edit customer data
Personnel Manager - Allows the user to enter a new employee, edit an existing one or manage employee passwords
Business Options - Allows editing of features with the Business Options window
Add/Change/Delete equipment - Allows the user to add, change, hide or delete equipment types and sizes in the Equipment Editor
Deleting Estimates - Allows deletion of estimates from a customer file
Edit Default Rates - Allows the user to edit the company's default rates that were established during setup
Estimate-Level Rates - Allows the user to edit rates at the customer level only. This does not effect the Default Rates
Task Schedule/Manager - Allows the user to create maintenance task schedules for an estimate


Misc Options

There are a few miscellaneous items that allow editing of belts and filters, and also to rename the agreement types with an alias name. i.e. change PM to Bronze, PMP to Silver, TSP to Gold, etc. There must be a check mark in the "Allow use of agreement type alias" in order to activate the Plan Alias selection button.


System Utilities

The system utilities area provides a means to further manage your software.



Import Vendors - Allows you to import vendors from an Excel template that is already designed for you to use
Import Customers - Allows you to import data from an existing customer or data file, even another operating system. An Excel template is provided
Event Log Setup - You can set up Event Log and Support Diagnostic to allow technical support to troubleshoot the Service Estimator remotely
Global Updates - Allows you to globally change all pricing within Service Estimator without having to edit each item individually. Global Updates can be done using dollar amounts or percentages of increase or decrease
Support Diagnostics - Allows you to email a report to technical support, along with an Excel spreadsheet of the event log attached
Retail Price Export - This feature allows you to create an Excel spreadsheet that lists a PM, PMP & TSP retail price of each equipment size in the database
Lookup Values - Provides a list of commonly used lookup items such as state names and abbreviations, etc.
Data Backup - Allows you to backup your database to a location that you select.
Data Cleanup - Compacts and Repairs your database without having to access the backend through MS Access. This is especially helpful when you are using Service Estimator with a runtime version of Access.