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Set Business Options

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After successful login, click Business Options from the console to establish specific settings appropriate for your business






Business Options



If you wish to have your logo appear on all of your reports, locate the image file by clicking the Browse folder on the Business Options form, which will open a Windows dialog box for you to search for the image file. You can also upload your image to C:\Service Estimator\Images\. This file can be .bmp or .jpg and must be properly sized to fit on the various reports.


Click the "Browse folder" icon to open the "Images" files, select your logo and click "Open".





You can personalize the way you use Service Estimator by selecting various options that are available. Below is a description of the options and what they do. You can also mouse over any of the items and Quick Help will display a description of each items function.


General Settings



Skip Splash Screen - Check this option to avoid seeing the splash screen every time Service Estimator starts


Start in Customer Manager - Check this option if you would like Service Estimator to display the Customer Manager screen each time it starts instead of the Console.


Show Tasks on Start up - Check this option if you want the Reminders to pop up each time you start Service Estimator


Force 'Caps Lock' on start up - If your personal preference is to type in CAPS then check this box to assure it is available while you are using Service Estimator. However, you must note that login usernames and passwords are case sensitive. So if Caps Lock is enabled and your username and password contain any lower case letters, you will get an error when you try to log in.


Estimate Settings



Calculate selected plan cost only - Service Estimator displays the estimate calculations for all five agreement types on both the Customer Manager and Jobs Manager screens. Check this box if you only want to display the calculation for your predominant agreement type.


Company Logo on reports - If you have selected a logo in the Company Information tab you must check this box if you want that logo to appear on all of your reports


User-defined estimate ID - Service Estimator automatically generates estimate numbers when you create a new estimate. Check this box if you prefer to use your own naming convention for Estimate ID numbers. These numbers can be alpha-numeric.


Calculate estimates only when user requests - Check this box if you prefer to calculate your estimates only after you have entered all of the equipment for a job site. Otherwise, Service Estimator calculates each piece of equipment as it is entered. Sometimes this can be a lengthy process if you are entering a lot of equipment in an estimate.