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Modify Rates for a Single Estimate

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To change a rate(s) for a particular estimate, click the 'Rates' tab on the Jobs screen. Notice the default rates, as initially established are displayed on this tab.


Click the 'Modify Rates' button to edit the default rates for an estimate. If you have not been given permission to change rates for an estimate, a Level 1 Administrator password will be required.


Admin Security Login


Modify Customer Estimate Rates


When you access the form for modification, you will notice that the text turns blue. This indicates that you are in edit mode until the form is saved. Making modifications to the pricing at the estimate level will not effect the 'Default Estimate Rates'. The changes that you make here will be for this customer only.


Edit Customer EstimateR Rates


Click the 'Save Changes' button when you are finished. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to make the changes.




If you click Yes, the estimate will be recalculated. Hit 'Esc' key to cancel re-calculating costs


Recalculating Estimate


When you go back to the Equipment tab you will notice that the 'Available Pricing Options' will have automatically been updated to reflect any changes that you made. Remember that this modification is only for one estimate, the default rates initially established are still stored in the database.