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Modify Default Mail Merge Info

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The Mail Merge document contains information that is specific to an estimate. To set up your initial Mail Merge information, use 'Business Options' make sure your company information is complete, including your business start date.


Business Options Company Info


If you want the information below to appear on all of your proposals, click the 'Set Default Proposal Contacts' button and fill in the appropriate data fields.


Business Options Estimate Settings


Default Contact Info


If you want to edit information for an estimate, click the Print Proposal Print Proposal button on the Jobs form to open the Default Mail Merge Info window. All information on this form can be edited on a per customer basis.


Year in Business
Customer Reference 1
Customer Reference 2
Service Coordinator
Service Coordinator Phone
Service Operations Manager
Service Ops Manager Phone
Invoice Coordinator
Invoice Coordinator Phone
Account Manager
Account Manager Phone
Primary Service Tech
Secondary Service Tech


These items typically call out specific reference to the customers needs. Therefore, it would be a good idea to examine the Default Mail Merge Info for accuracy prior to printing your proposal.


Note: After you select the proposal template you wish to use for your proposal, click the 'Merge' button on this form. If any fields are left blank, you will get a warning message indicating 'Key information is missing. Are you sure you want to continue with the merge?' The blank fields will turn blue. If you are sure that the data is accurate for this proposal, click 'Yes' to create your proposal.