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Equipment Editor

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The Equipment Editor allows you to Add/Edit any type of equipment or control you can think of. The data that is already in the file is the result of over 5 years of collecting service information from various resources.



This tool is especially helpful when you find you need to add a piece of equipment to the existing database. And it is relatively easy to do. From this screen, you can identify whether your entry is a piece of equipment or a control. Just toggle back and forth in the search box to view these two categories. Also notice that you can predetermine whether or not a piece of equipment requires belts or filters. Placing a check mark in either of these two boxes automatically provides this option on the 'Equipment Data' form.





To add an equipment type that is not in the list, click the 'Add a New Type Code' button in the lower right hand corner. Enter a new alpha code and a description for this new equipment type.




If you want to add a photo to the file you can select from a group of equipment photos already available in the folder C:\Service Estimator\SE Equipment\.  Double click in the photo area of the form to open the Service Estimator dialog box. Select the proper folder, then select the photo you wish to use. You can also use your own photos from any folder you wish. When finished, simply close the form by clicking the green door to save this new piece of equipment to the database.


To add a new size to an existing equipment type, first select the equipment type you wish to add a size to and click the 'Add New Size' button in the lower left hand corner. The 'Add New Equipment' form will open with the focus on the Size field. Enter the size in an appropriate designation such as; 7.5 tons, 26000 btuh, 2 hp, etc. Scan through the current data files to become familiar with size names.




Continue entering data for Annual Inspections, Operational Inspections and Repair/Replace. Determine how many Annual Inspections and Operational Inspections you want to perform on this size of equipment. Remember that whatever number you use for the inspections can be overridden in the 'Equipment Data' form at the time you create a new estimate without changing this data.


Use the current data as a guide, or create your own inspections, labor and materials requirements. (See example below to add a 3.5 ton unit to the Packaged Unit Heat/Cool/Air Cooled category)





If you are finished adding equipment, click 'Save and Close'. If you want to add another size to the same equipment category, click 'Save and Add Another'. You can also select an existing equipment type and add a size to that category.