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Mail Merge

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Mail Merge data is collected from several places. It starts with the company information you provided during the initial setup of Service Estimator. In the 'Business Options' form there is a sub-form named 'Default Proposal Contacts'. If you haven't set up this information, click "Business Options' on the console. Click the 'Default Proposal Contacts' button and complete the form. This default information can be edited at any time with each proposal.


If you find that you need to change the primary and secondary technicians, or edit other personnel names for a specific customer, you can do so before you prepare and print the proposal. Any changes that you make to this form will only apply to the job that you are currently working in. See example at the top of form:


(The information provided below will be applicable to the proposal H-11-CBRE only)


Assigned Technicians and References are typically not included in the 'Default Proposal Contacts' setup because they are usually the only things that are not consistent with company information. If these technician or reference fields are blank when you click the 'Merge' button, a message box will appear and those fields will turn blue. The message will ask you if you are sure you want to leave them blank. If you do, click 'Yes' and the merge process will continue.


If you did not intend to leave them blank, click 'No' and enter the technician and reference data in the fields. Click the 'Merge' button again and continue the merge process



Merge Button