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Enter Sub Contractor or Rental Equipment Data

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The Sub Contractor or Rental Equipment Data form is a pop-up form that opens inside the Job Manager main window. This form is used to enter the information related to a Sub Contractor or rental equipment required fulfilling a maintenance agreement.









To input the information for a new Sub Contractor or Equipment Rental estimate, click the 'Add Subcontract' button
Select the Sub Contractor Name from your vendor drop down list
Select the type of subcontract service from the drop down list
Enter a description of the Sub Contractor/Equipment Rental required
Enter subcontracting fee or rental equipment price
If the subcontract is to be included in a BSA estimate, put a check in the box 'Include in BSA Estimates?''


After completing the Sub Contractor or Rental Equipment Data form, click the 'Save' button to save this estimate to the database and close the form, or 'Cancel' to close the form without saving.


Click the record selector in any row of the subform in the 'Subcontract/Rentals' tab to review or edit subcontract data.