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Enter Equipment Data

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To input Equipment information for a new estimate, click the 'Add Equipment' button, which will open an Equipment Data form for data entry.




The Equipment Data form is a pop-up form that opens inside the Jobs main window. This form is used to capture the equipment information recorded at the customer site.


The upper section is divided into four primary sections and one optional.


Equipment Information
Program Information
Pricing Adjustments
Labor Grade Requirements
Equipment Photo (optional)


The Equipment ID and Size combo-boxes in the 'Equipment Information' section include a list of default values from the equipment data tables. The Make/Mfg combo-box contains a limited list of Manufacturers names. You can add to this list, as needed. All fields in this section require data. Any empty fields will turn blue and you will receive an error message that you will not be able to continue until these fields are completed.




Equipment Information

First indicate if the piece of equipment is a control. If the equipment is a control, click the 'Show Controls Only' check box, which limits the display of Equipment Descriptions to controls type items only, and usually limits the 'Size' combo-box to 'None' since most controls don't have a particular size. The default for this check box is 'unchecked'.


If the equipment is not a control, leave the 'Show Controls Only' check box unchecked and then select an equipment type from the Equipment ID combo-box, which displays both the Equipment Description and an Equip Code (alpha-code).


Next, select the size of the equipment from the values displayed in the 'Size' combo-box, which are limited by the equipment type selected. Size generally refers to Btuh, tons, Hp, etc.  Choosing the equipment type and size will automatically populate the Equipment ID field with a description of the equipment type.


Enter the Quantity, Unit ID, Make, Model, Serial and Location data to the Equipment Information section. Note: Unit ID should be alpha-numeric. (RTU-1, AHU-1, etc.)


Program Information

The number of Annual and Operational Inspections will automatically populate within the Program Information section with the default values from the Equipment Maintenance table. Note: These default values can be manually overwritten for a particular estimate. However, the default values within the equipment data table will not be altered.  Also, the Annual and Operational Inspection fields require a value, even if that value should be '0'.


Pricing Adjustments

Indicating that an adjustment is necessary instructs the Program to calculate the estimate using the 'Adjustment' rate value(s).


Using the checkbox, as necessary:

Indicate whether the equipment to be maintained is under 'Continuous Operation.' The default is 'unchecked'.
Indicate whether the equipment has 'Multiple Compressors.' The default is 'unchecked'.
Indicate whether the equipment's compressor is under warranty. The default is 'unchecked'.


Through a combo-box selection 'M-F,' 'M-S,' or 'None'

Indicate whether the equipment will require '24 Hour Emergency Coverage.' The default selection is 'None.


Enter the number of additional labor hours that will be required if the equipment is difficult to access. The default is '0' (zero).

If used, input this data in hours. Example: .25 = 15 minutes.


Labor Grade Requirements:

Select the labor grade level to be used to calculate labor rates for all inspection categories; Annual, Operational and Repair/Replace. Options are either 1 or 2. The default is 1.


Enter the 'Age' of the equipment (in Years). The default is '0' (zero).


Filters and Belts

If the equipment you selected requires filters or belts, you can add them in the tabbed area below. If the equipment item you chose does not require filters or belts (i.e. a Boiler) then the 'Add Filters' and 'Add Belts' buttons will be grayed out.


After completing all sections within the Equipment Data form, click the 'Save' button. This will calculate the estimate to include this piece of equipment, including any filters and/or belts you may have added.


Note: If you have more than one piece of the same equipment model number, click the 'Copy' button before you save and calculate. This will duplicate the equipment data (minus the serial number) including filters and/or belts, if used. The Unit ID for this new piece of equipment will contain the word (copy) i.e.,

[ RTU-1 (copy) ] and your cursor will be flashing in the Serial Number field. Enter the serial number of this next piece of equipment and then backspace out the word (copy) to assure a unique Unit ID (RTU-2). Do this as many times as required.