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Edit an existing piece of Equipment in the Data Tables

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In keeping up with current industry practices, you may find in necessary to make changes to the equipment, filters and belts listed in the data tables.


On the main application interface, select 'Add/Edit Equipment' from the 'Data Maintenance' menu option located in the menu bar.


In the Equipment Editor screen, select the piece of equipment you wish to edit from the values displayed in the 'Description of Equipment' and select the size of the equipment in the 'Size and Maintenance Data' area below, if applicable


Note: pieces of equipment that are classified as controls do not have sizes. No values for controls are required in the 'Size' Text box.


You can also make changes to the values listed under sections entitled 'Annual Inspection', 'Operational Inspection', 'Repairs' and 'Filters' for your selected piece of equipment.


When finished, click the 'Save' button.


Note: Changing Equipment Data using this method will impact all estimates created going forward that use the piece of equipment to which changes were made.