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Delete an Existing Estimate

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At times you may find it necessary to delete all or a portion of an estimate. If you delete an estimate, all related records associated with that estimate will be deleted. In this case, we recommend you change the status of an estimate to 'Inactive' instead. You can, however, choose to keep an estimate but delete only a portion of an estimate, such as a 'Services' estimate which the customer has chosen to remove


To delete an existing estimate, find the estimate in the 'Customer Manager' list box. Estimates are displayed alphabetically by Location Name, Address, City & State. In the list-view they are stored by Customer Name and then Location.


Select the estimate to be deleted by double clicking on it. All related estimate information will now be available to delete within the appropriate tabs.


To delete the entire estimate, click the 'Delete' Delete Estimate button on the toolbar.


To delete only a portion of an estimate, select the tab, which displays the part of the estimate to be removed. Select a line item and right mouse click on it to bring up the shortcut menu. Click the delete icon to permanently remove the item.


If the estimate is for a piece of equipment and there are multiple pieces of equipment listed within the Equipment tab, first select the piece of equipment from the data grid by right mouse clicking on it to display the equipment data form. Choose 'Delete' to delete the equipment from the estimate.


Before a delete action is carried out, the program will prompt you with a message box requiring the Level 1 (Administrator) password. You will then get a message box confirming that you want to delete the estimate. Selecting 'Yes' in this message box will remove the estimate from the database.