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Create a New Estimate Record

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To create a new estimate from the console simply click the large 'Create New Estimate' button.



Create New Estimate


In the screen below you'll notice that the "Date Created" field is automatically populated with the current date. The Proposal Number will automatically generate the next estimate number once a customer is entered. You can select an existing customer from the drop down list in the "Customer Name" field or click the 'Add New' button to add a new one.


If the job location is the same as the billing location simply click the arrow >> icon to transfer all of the Customer Billing Information to the Job Location Information fields. Otherwise, you must enter the Job Location Information manually.


In the Pricing Data area you must enter the Round Trip Mileage to the job site, any parking fees associated with the location of the job site and select an agreement type from the drop down list. If you need an explanation of what is covered in the various agreement types, simply click the information icon in this area and then select an agreement type for a brief description of the coverage.


Any required fields that are left blank will turn light blue when you attempt to save the estimate, and you will receive a pop up message telling you enter appropriate data in those fields.