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Copy an Estimate

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Once an estimate has been generated for a customer, you may elect to create a copy of that estimate to use as a template for creating a new estimate. This will save you time by requiring you to only enter data relative to the customer's new estimate versus retyping the customer's entire profile (i.e., Customer name, address, city, etc.), plus having to re-enter all of the equipment, filter and belt data.


To copy an estimate select the "Location" of the estimate you wish to copy from the Customer Manager.


Customer Manager


Click the 'Copy Estimate' button. A copy of the estimate you selected will be created. The word (copy) will precede the "Location name". All fields contained in the copied estimate will be identical to the fields in the original estimate with the exception of the date created field. (The copied estimate's 'date created' field will contain the date on which the estimate was copied.)


By generating a copy of an existing estimate in this manner, you can save time by only changing the information relative to the new estimate being generated. All other fields such as Customer Name, Address, etc. will be copied into the new estimate during the copy procedure.