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Contact Manager

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To access the "Contact Manager", click the button on the console.


Contact Manager Console Button


Contact Manager


The Contact Manager allows you to track your prospect activity without adding unnecessary files to your customer list. You can track your prospect type and status, and filter by sales rep. When you import your customer list into Service Estimator from some other CRM source, this is where they go.


Your contacts do not become customers until you create an estimate at which time the record in the Contact Manager will be removed and added to the Customer Manager. Thus, you have the ability to track and monitor prospecting activity as well as sales activity.


Add New Contacts/Prospects:


You can manually add new prospects to your Contact Manager by clicking the 'New Prospect' button. The 'New Customer' screen will open.


New Customer Record


Type the first character of the customers name and hit the Tab key to expand the list. This displays current customers, which prevents you from creating duplicate records.


Customer Record Expanded


When you manually add a new prospect and 'Save' the record you will get a popup message that explains that there are no estimates associated with this customer and therefore, it will only be visible in the Contact Manager.