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Configuring Multiuser Network

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Install Service Estimator on each computer using the above installation instructions.


After installing Service Estimator, you need to tell each computer (the "workstations") where to find your company data files.


See Setting Up a New Company


First, create a new shared directory on the server to house the newly created company data file and other relevant files and sub-folders. You can name this directory anything you want, but it should be short (Microsoft recommends 8 characters or less) and reside on the root directory of the server for best performance. We recommend simple naming convention, something such as 'SEPRO'




Server Dialog Box


After you have installed Service Estimator on one of the computers that will be connected to the network, and you have created your company database, go to C:\Service Estimator folder and copy and paste the newly created data files and any appropriate sub-folders to the newly created directory on the server. Copy the following:

YourNewCompany Maintenance.mdb (Note: This is a hidden file; Turn on 'Show hidden files and folders' to view this file)
C:\Service Estimator\Word\ (Copy the entire Word folder to the network drives shared folder)


To establish the connection to your new database on the other computers, follow these steps:


1.Install and run Service Estimator on each of the computers that will be connected to the network. Service Estimator will most likely start in the SAMPLE.mdb company (Acme Industrial Services, Inc.) that we have provided for you to use as practice to get familiar with Service Estimator


2.From the console click 'System Options' -OR- from the menubar, click Setup | System Options. NOTE: The System Options window is protected with a password. You MUST have the Level 1 Administrator password to enter System Options




Menubar System Options


Enter your administrator password


Admin Security Login


3.When the System Options window opens, click the "Open Company" button.


System Options


4.Click on the My Network Places icon in the left tool bar.


System Options Dialog Box


5.The following screen will open. Select the name of the shared network folder to open and click 'Open'.


Network Dialog Box


6.Select the name of your new company file (i.e. TECHMECH) and click the Open button.


Network Dialog Box - New


The following message box will indicate a successful connection to the new database.


Successful Data Connection


Click OK and login to your new company database as administrator and confirm that all setup operations were completed.


Follow steps 1 through 5 on each workstation's copy of Service Estimator.