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Add Extra Services

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From time-to-time you will create an estimate that requires you to provide additional services beyond the scope of normal maintenance. Service Estimator provides a way for you to do that.


The Services Data form is a pop-up window, which opens inside the Jobs Manager when you click the "Add Services' button. This form is used to enter information related to those additional services. To input the information for these services, follow instructions below.


Job Manager


Additional Services


Enter a description of the Service to be provided.
If applicable, enter the 'Quantity of Items/Units to be Serviced'.
Enter the 'Frequency' or number of times the service is to be provided.
Enter the number of labor hours required to perform the service requested
Enter the material costs involved (if any) to perform the service requested.
Select the 'Service Labor Grade Level, which is defaulted to '1' from a combo-box selection.
If the 'Add'l Services' are to be included in a BSA estimate, put a check in the box 'Include in BSA Estimates?'


After completing the Services Data form, click the 'Add Another' button to add a second service, saving the first to the database, or the 'Save' button to save this service estimate to the database, or 'Cancel' to close the form without saving.


Click the record selector in any row of the subform in the 'Add'l Services' tab to review or edit services data.